What Makes NEHEN Different?

You may be used to the traditional, competitive relationships between payers, providers, and intermediaries such as clearinghouses, and wonder "what makes NEHEN different?" The short answer is: nearly everything.

While you may have solutions to your administrative and clinical challenges today, they are likely based in business models where you are deterred from earnestly adopting them, either by transaction fees, proprietary technology and fear of vendor lock-in, or inability to scale across all your disparate work streams.

NEHEN has broken this competitive model and is an example of how all members of the healthcare community can work together to achieve the seemingly conflicting goals of reducing the costs of delivering and paying for care, and increasing the quality and continuity of care.

NEHEN is a ground-breaking initiative. The partners have embraced collaboration rather than competition as a force to accelerate the required changes, improve service to our common customers, and reduce the costs of HIPAA compliance. This ultimately benefits our patients and plan members who will deal with less red tape and fewer bureaucratic hassles as a result of our efforts.

Carol Cotter,
SVP and CIO, LifeSpan