NEHEN is a consortium of regional payers and providers who have designed and implemented a secure and innovative health information exchange for reducing administrative costs and improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of patient care. NEHEN technology has changed the way administrative, clinical, exchange, and ePrescribing processes are performed in member organizations.

NEHEN offers its members tools to address the challenges faced by the healthcare industry. NEHEN is a collaborative, payer- and provider-directed solution for connectivity, administrative simplification, and clinical data exchange that:

  • Has a low-cost
  • Transports HIPAA-compliant transactions
  • Facilitates clinical information exchange, both within and between healthcare delivery networks, with sensitivity to their level of technical sophistication
  • Makes the most of the participating organizations' investment in existing legacy systems
  • Shortens the elapsed time to achieve administrative and clinical EDI with members’ exchange partners
  • Reduces bad debts and other financial exposures by improving administrative efficiencies
  • Increases efficiency by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and testing
  • Reduces overall health-related costs
  • Delivers an open, extensible "any partner" tool for connectivity

The primary success factor for NEHEN has been the collaboration between health plans and providers. The members of NEHEN believe that providing EDI (electronic data interchange) capabilities to their exchange partners represents an opportunity to improve administrative and clinical processes for the entire health care community. As a result, all intellectual property created for NEHEN is shared among the members. Also, if a member individually develops a solution that might benefit the group, that solution is donated to NEHEN. Collaboration has enabled the members to share costs, leverage experience gained by other participants, and accelerate the benefits of administrative simplification.

This collaboration is in fact what makes NEHEN different from a typically competitive environment. Its features and benefits are designed to be balanced in their value to payers and providers alike.

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NEHEN has reduced our costs while improving service to both patients and providers. One of NEHEN's most important roles is a convening function. The CIOs of major payer and provider organizations meet on neutral ground to solve problems together, reducing costs and sharing intellectual property.

John Halamka,
CIO, CareGroup, Inc