NEHEN's Mission Statement

The New England Healthcare Exchange Network, Inc. (NEHEN) promotes the interoperability of health information technology, electronic health records, and clinical and administrative health information exchange across organizational boundaries in the New England health care community.
NEHEN's efforts are directed at improving patient safety, satisfaction and the overall patient experience; simplifying the complexity of health care operations; removing barriers to automation though greater use of information technology; and reducing overall costs for all participants. NEHEN shares best practices with all interested parties and provides innovative process and technical solutions to make information available wherever it is needed to treat patients safely and to help the community operate at a world-class level of efficiency and value.
NEHEN emphasizes collaboration, a federated model, standards-based information exchange and protection of patients’ rights to confidentiality and control over their health records.

NEHEN will achieve its mission by continuously improving its internal processes and by making its technical solutions more robust to maintain its low operating cost. At the same time, NEHEN will make its lessons learned as an “any payer” solution available to the rest of the industry, so that cooperative process management and technology deployment can be simple, quick, efficient, integrated, and useful in solving problems once, for all stakeholders - payers, providers, software and service partners, and patients.