How Is NEHEN Organized?

NEHEN participants include members (payers/providers in New England) and contract affiliates (public health agencies as well as agents and vendors representing payers and/or providers). Some member organizations are elected to serve on the Board of Directors, while others serve on various advisory groups.

The Board of Directors serves as the governing body for aligning plans and setting direction for NEHEN. Directors' approval is required for all decisions, such as budgets, membership, priorities, contract negotiations, and future direction.

With a vision of clinical and administrative convergence, NEHEN's leadership represents a variety of constituents and their interests. The need for health information exchange that crosses traditional lines of administrative and clinical workflows has become clear, and NEHEN has responded by consummating a merger with MA-SHARE with the intent of uniting these previously separate worlds.

"NEHEN merged with MA-SHARE to form NEHEN, Inc. as of July 2010," says Sira Cormier, former NEHEN Program Director. "MA-SHARE was like a sister organization, another collaborative Massachusetts entity that developed clinical exchange and ePrescribing capabilities for its member organizations. There were a lot of commonalities between the organizations: common participants, common program management, and a common technology platform. What this means to our members is that clinical exchange capability is an opt-in services for those that want to be able to exchange clinical data like clinical summaries, lab orders and results, immunization and quality reporting... the list goes on."