Membership Benefits

As a consortium of payers, providers and vendors, NEHEN brings best practices to the healthcare industry for both clinical and administrative transaction processing through both workflow and technical solutions. As a member-driven organization, NEHEN emphasizes collaboration, a decentralized model, and a standards-based electronic healthcare data exchange that allows direct interoperability with your partner organizations.

NEHEN membership is open to payers and providers. Also, vendors, clearinghouses, agents, service providers, and others are invited to join as Contract Affiliates.

For all NEHEN participants, membership brings a host of benefits:

  • A voice in the tactical and strategic direction of health information technology and exchange in the New England area
  • An opportunity to coordinate your own health technology activities with the largest participants in the New England healthcare industry
  • A forum to communicate directly with the healthcare leaders shaping policy and implementation with your largest payer and provider exchange partners
  • Access to the same technology used and refined for the past 12 years in the delivery of, and payment for, care rendered to millions of patients

Other benefits specific to payers and providers are described in these subsections, and at the links shown at the left: Provider Benefits, and Payer Benefits.

NEHEN has enabled us to make exceptional progress in our revenue enhancement, cost reduction and service improvement efforts.

John Glaser,
VP and CIO, Partners Healthcare System, Inc