Real Cost Savings
Increased electronic transaction volume allows health plans to reduce the number of customer service representatives answering questions like “Is this patient eligible for care?” or “What is the status of my claim? Is it paid yet?” The shifting of manual processes to electronic processes not only improves customer satisfaction but also allows health plans to reallocate resources from administration to medical care. NEHEN gives health plans real cost savings over paper-based processes and less claims rework.

By using NEHEN, participating payers also consolidate their EDI operations and reduce the number of disparate and proprietary interfaces to their providers. NEHEN's technology serves as a single channel for both receiving and sending administrative and clinical transactions to all other NEHEN members - realizing immediate savings and benefits while simultaneously positioning your organization to easy adapt to future changes in the technology used by the community. See our member list to learn which organizations you would have immediate access to by becoming a NEHEN member.

Collaboration Benefits - Taking Costs Out of the System
With NEHEN, payer organizations avoid clearinghouse costs by directly connecting with their exchange partners and work together to promote and implement common standards. Other collaboration benefits include:

  • Greater adoption of electronic transactions, increased % of electronic submission
  • No transaction fees
  • Reduced call center volume
  • Simplified HIPAA and EDI testing
  • Fewer proprietary interfaces to support / reduced total cost of operations
  • Improved claims operations / reduced resubmission and rework
  • Access to providers' operational and technical leadership
  • Provider satisfaction and service
  • Participation in healthcare IT and operational agenda in the local market