NEHENClassic: An Administrative Solution For Healthcare

Since 1998, NEHEN has made tools to allow its members to exchange administrative information directly, saving millions of dollars for patients, providers, and payers through improved revenue cycle performance. Now with over a decade of maturity, NEHENClassic offers you a robust, high-volume, and open platform for building your own administrative exchange capabilities.

NEHEN is a member-driven organization, and as a member you have a seat at the table when it comes to establishing product direction. Unlike a vendor-driven exchange, NEHEN builds the capabilities most needed by its members to solve their common challenges.

What Does NEHENClassic Do?
How Do I Know if NEHENClassic Is Right For Me?
How Does NEHENClassic Work?
Can I Talk To Someone About NEHENClassic?

What Does NEHENClassic Do?

NEHENClassic is a collection of software tools that helps you to streamline and improve your revenue cycle management performance. By using these tools to better automate your registration, billing, and collections processes, you can gain efficiencies and reallocate scarce resources onto other important tasks.

NEHENClassic is a peer-to-peer solution; you directly connect with your healthcare exchange partners, and you operate it from your own datacenter. As a NEHEN member, you will have open access to the underlying database and transaction routing engine so that you can integrate the tools into the rest of your health information technology architecture. It is an "any payer" solution, with an open design which allows you to write your own custom adapters to exchange administrative transactions with any exchange partner we don't already have the capability for. See our list of pre-built transactions and payers.

With NEHENClassic you can send and receive all the HIPAA-standard administrative transactions:
 bulletMember Eligibility (270/271, real-time and batch)
 bulletClaim Submission and Tracking (837i/p, file or direct data entry)
 bulletClaim Status Inquiry (276/277, real-time and batch)
 bulletRemittance (835)
 bulletReferral/Authorization (278, with leakage prevention)
 bulletReferral Inquiry (278i)
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How Do I Know if NEHENClassic Is Right For Me?

Members who use NEHENClassic are drawn from a broad range of participants in the healthcare industry: providers (large group practices and hospitals), insurance payers, billing agencies, public health agencies. They all have one thing in common: the desire to work directly with their healthcare exchange partners to streamline and build efficiencies in administrative exchange while avoiding transaction fees.

To understand whether or not NEHENClassic is right for you, consider the profile of the typical NEHENClassic member:
 bulletHas existing IT staff and resources
 bulletHas a high volume of transactions to exchange (100,000/month or more)
 bulletWants, and has the capability, to automate their administrative processes
 bulletWants to integrate with core registration and billing systems
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How Does NEHENClassic Work?

How does NEHENClassic allow you to work directly with your healthcare exchange partners? The most basic answer is: by giving you the tools to do it yourself. Our workflow is simple...
How Classic Works
1. Your staff enter transactions through a convenient web page, or transactions are fed in from one of your own health information systems (such as a hospital HIS).
2. The NEHENClassic gateway examines the transaction and determines its destination, then routes the transaction directly to the intended recipient over the internet or through a virtual private network from your datacenter to theirs.
3. The recipient receives the transaction and sends back any appropriate acknowledgements and responses.
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Can I Talk To Someone About NEHENClassic?

Yes. If you have questions, or think that NEHENClassic might be right for you, please send us an email at with your contact information and a day and time that you'd like for us to reach out to you on.
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"The NEHEN relationship has allowed us to streamline, simplify and standardize our administrative interactions with payers. NEHEN is a shining example of what regional collaboration in Health Information Exchange can become. NEHEN's focus on the efficient and secure exchange of health information has worked well for Partners HealthCare."

Richard W. Silveria,
Corporate Director of Revenue and Finance
Partners HealthCare

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