NEHENRxGateway: Complete ePrescribing

For many providers, prescribing medication for patients is an important part of their practice. But filling a written prescription has become a more complicated matter than it once was, and one fraught with error and risk. The practice of prescribing medications electronically has made this process one that is more secure, more accurate, and safer than it was in the past.

With the NEHENRxGateway, members are not tied to a specific EMR; they are free to integrate directly and enjoy the benefits of industry standards and interoperability. In one solution, the NEHENRxGateway orchestrates the complexities involved with ePrescribing and simplifies the process for your clinicians, allowing them to focus more on the needs of the patient than the needs of administrators.

The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009's meaningful use requirements have focused new energy on the activities that will earn Medicaid and Medicare providers incentives between 2011 and 2015 for the adoption of electronic medical record (EMR) systems. One of the requirements for meaningful use is the sending of prescriptions electronically, but even absent the incentives, providers find value in participating in ePrescribing.

What Does The NEHENRxGateway Do?
How Do I Know if NEHENRxGateway Is Right For Me?
How Does The NEHENRxGateway Work?
Can I Talk To Someone About NEHENRxGateway?

What Does NEHENRxGateway Do?

The NEHENRxGateway supports the clinician’s ability to create a new prescription, initiate the renewal of an existing prescription, and handle a renewal/refill request originating at the pharmacy. The NEHENRxGateway supports these interchanges with the two largest national services, which are RxHub, supporting primarily mail order prescriptions, and SureScripts, supporting primarily retail pharmacy prescriptions.

With NEHENRxGateway you can exchange any number of transactions, regardless of your EMR software vendor, in real-time:
 bulletChecking member eligibility
 bulletChecking insurance formulary
 bulletViewing dispensed medication history
 bulletCreating a new prescription
 bulletApproving pharmacy-initiated renewals and refills
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How Do I Know if NEHENRxGateway Is Right For Me?

Members who use NEHENRxGateway need to prescribe medication for hundreds of patients on a daily basis. The NEHENRxGateway is installed at and runs in your own data center, so our members who use it have the capability of hosting software and the technical staff to run and maintain it.

In addition, if you use a practice management system, or hospital information system that allows you to perform ePrescriptions today, the NEHENRxGateway might be right for you.
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How Does NEHENRxGateway Work?

The NEHENRxGateway accepts ePrescription requests from EMRs and other systems, such as handheld devices, and performs a number of actions behind the scenes on the behalf of the clinician:

How ePrescribing Works 1. Your clinician uses software of his or her choice to create an electronic prescription. The electronic prescription is transported to the NEHENRxGateway for submission and tracking.
2. The NEHENRxGateway submits eligibility verification to a payer for pharmacy benefit eligibility and any other available information. The NEHENRxGateway submits the electronic prescription / claim to either a pharmacy processing aggregator / intermediary or directly to a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) for formulary compliance.
3. The Pharmacy processing aggregator / intermediary sends the electronic prescription fill order to a mail order or retail pharmacy. Acknowledgements and other prescription data are sent back to the originating ePrescribing system or directly to the prescribing physician / clinician via e-mail, fax or a standard format message.
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Can I Talk To Someone About NEHENRxGateway?

Yes. If you have questions, or think that NEHENRxGateway might be right for you, please send us an email at with your contact information and a day and time that you'd like for us to reach out to you on.
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